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In Adda Rocher we believe in turning sustainability and eco-friendliness into the foundation of our lives, along with design as an essential companion.


We wanted to start from scratch. Create, design and produce our products giving a special affection throughout the whole process of tailoring, producing, designing and even during the packing process. This is also possible thanks to Cotó Roig, the workshop where the bags are produced, in which the whole process of the fabric is controlled, from the harvest to the weaving. Where they also give soul to the fabric.


Our production system allows local manufacturing so the environmental impact is reduced. The embroidery gives much more resistance to the design making it more longlasting, which means that the life of the product is going to be longer and also helps promoting slow fashion.

Image by Cristina Gottardi


Sustainability is not a choice anymore, we are greatful to be able to continue with our project, and all this is possible thanks to nature. In order to create a business that gives back to nature we plant a tree for every purchase we recieve.



Nature is important as well as people. Our products are mostly tailored in a workshop (women owned) where they share our same values. We are all people, we are all treated equally. We treat people the way we like to be treated.

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