The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that the wheel is always turning and life is in a state of constant change. Good luck and fortune will make their return in time!


  • High quality tote bag with an embroidered design of the tarot card "Wheel Of Fortune".
  • This bag has been handmade with great care to achieve the best resistance and quality with a fine finish.

  • It has a professional embroidered design of the tarot card "Wheel Of Fortune" that gets along with any outfit!

  • It has been locally made to reduce the environmental impact.

X. Wheel Of Fortune

    • Reusable tote bag for all kind of uses and occasions, made with great quality and resistance
    • Strong and resistant handles to avoid back and shoulder pain
    • The fabric is 100% natural and sustainable cotton from integrated and traceable production
    • High quality embroidered design to ensure the durability of the design

    SIZE: 40cm x 38cm - Handle: 66cm

    MATERIAL: 100% cotton with fine resistant finish.

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